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About Us

We started developing a genealogy printing website over 15 years ago, however because of personal tragedies we were unable to finish it until now.

Our goal has always been foremost to find a way to help further the genealogical work and help inspire those who do it.

Why do we have so many charts?

have you ever wondered what all the different charts look like between all the major genealogical vendors and compare them? We printed samples between different chart types, widths and number of generations. Nowhere else can you find this information.

There are a number of different groups we are concerned with.

1) we have a number of genealogists who simply cannot afford printing their own ancestors and visual see where they need work. When changes are made and continually re-ordering charts makes the work even harder. We have worked extremely hard to keep costs low and have provided black and white genealogy copies up to 3 feet by 6 feet for no more than $13.95 plus shipping. This will allow users to condense up to 13-15 plus generations.

2) We believe along with feedback many are excited and inspired to see Family history presented in other ways. We would hope to help inspire different groups by providing our ancestors like ourselves with different themes, Sports, hobbies, helping make Family History fun and/or more meaningful.

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